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Joined Oct 14, 2021
Address: 3334 Victor Ct. Santa Clara, 95054

Our ghost kitchens are designed for speed, quality, and scale, making it easy to launch a delivery restaurant with low risk and low capital.

1. You can launch a virtual kitchen in one month.
2. You focus on food, and we handle all the logistics and order fulfillment.
3. Receive and track all the delivery platforms’ orders in one tablet.
4. Collaborate with on-demand and pre-order platforms, like Doordash, UberEat, Grubhub, Postemates, Saltalk, etc.
5. Make sales report easily to track, analyze and manage.
6. Online and offline marketing supports.
7. Large catering space for groups and individuals orders.
8. Special sewer and high-pressure gas design.

For more details, please contact me at 785-312-2423

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