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(I'm pleased this site has generated a wine forum, as I'm always interested in others' food and wine pairings.) From my readings and practical efforts, it appears that Viognier is 'difficult' to match to food. I'd appreciate others' views or experiences in matching food to this white wine.
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It's not that viognier is hard to match with food. It,s that it is a very hard wine to come by. It is planted in northern rhone in very small amounts. it is also suscespatel to diseases.Viognier is known for its florel nose and intence apricot,peach and pear flavors. I think that this grape is food freindly but not as availible as we would like. If you have the chance to drink a viognier-run don't walk


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We always try to keep one or two labels of viognier on hand at my restaurant. I find the wine to be quite food friendly. It doesn't contain many elements that tend to clash with foods. Besides being grown in the nothern rhone some winemakers in this country are experimenting with it. So far the results have been rather decent. Check them out.
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Thanks for your inputs; apparently I've not had a good example of Viognier. The few I've had (French, not Condieu (sp?), some North American) were either 'watery chardonnay' or not intensely flavored. Incentive to keep sampling!
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I have to second the note on RH Phillips EXP label viognier (Calif). I just had a glass yesterday and found it to be a very accessible wine. It is crisp and rich at the same time, with a beautiful floral aroma and the lush fruit tones are wonderful. I liked just sipping it, but it seemed it would go with a wide range of foods. It is selling for a bit under $11.99 here. Not bad. The shop recommended the Syrah, priced about the same and I'm gonna check that out one of these days.
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What about Horton Viognier from Virginia? Or Alban from California (oaky, but good)? Or Yves Cuilleron Condrieu, imported by Neil Rosenthal - this wine ROCKS!
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