Vintage Apple Pie Recipes

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Just had the best applie pie ever this Thanksgiving. I asked for the recipe but here is what she told me. Place butter on the bottom of the crust in dabs, add brown suger and spices in center of pie, place apples cut in large pieces around pie, leaving the center to bubble up like a volcano. There is a top crust. Does this sound possible, the recipe was in an old 1940 cook book. Any info appreciated. :thumb:
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It sounds very possible. There's also probably a little loose flour, starch or tapioca in the recipe to thicken up the liquid in the filling as it cooks.

It's not entirely unlike how I bake my pies, only I divide the dry ingredients into quarters -- sprinkling one quarter on the bottom pie crust, mix half with the fruit, before mounding it as high as I possibly can into the bottom crust, then sprinkling the top of the fruit with the remainder before covering with the top fruit. As you may have already inferred, I like towering fruit pies.

In addtion to the wonder of the volcano, there seems to be an implicit belief in your post that recipes are complicated things of precision measurement, electronic appliances, and other "mod cons." If so, it's a little naive and, at the same time, very sweet. If not, oh well. In either case, fuhgeddaboudid.

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Thanks for your reply which was full of helpful hints. I hope to connect with this lady and get her 1940ish recipe and will share it with you. I do collect cook books and find the old ones interesting but usually time consuming. Pls don't think I won't take the time to make a special dish. I have recently started to use my imagination combining different vegtables and fruits together with different sauces. I do try to look at several recipes for inspiration and hope for the best.
I'm not a blogger but really enjoyed this site.
Thanks again Lorraine:roll:

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