Vins D´ Alsace: The 4 Grape Varieties from Alsace & Pairing

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    Vins D´ Alsace:

    Alsace wines generally take their name from the grape varieties from which they are made and they must be bottled in the region of production and only in the special Alsace flûte bottle.

    Winelovers appreicate the Alsace grape varieties ( 4) because they reunite all the pleasures of the senses. A slim bottle that is immediately recognisable, fruit driven aromas that identify each grape and the unique taste of: Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc.

    Pairing 4 Grape Varieties from Alsace:

    1) Gewurztraminer: this full bodied white and well structured wines possesses a rich aroma of flowers, spices and exotic fruit. It is a semi sweet white pairing exquisitely with strong pungent cheeses that are cured, ethnic cuisine such as Mexican, Indian or Peruvian and desserts.

    2) Pinot Gris: A white wine with a long finish, and a complex vegetable aroma and often smokey, marries with foie gras, feathered game and white meats.

    3) Riesling: This white is dry, grapey with floral notes, delicate and refreshing and is an all purpose white. Matches extraordinairely with seafood, fish, shellfish, buffets and tapas / meze / antipasti.

    4) Pinot Blanc: This subtle delicate white is an all purpose too, thus, pairing with seafood and buffets.