Vinegar Salt

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Anyone here ever tried Vinegar Salt?

Vinegar Salt is something I tasted at work a while back, one of the chefs made it by mixing equal quantities of Vinegar and Salt together, then drying the salt out until it was a hard crystal form again, then blitzed it in the food processor to make a fine Salt and Vinegar tasting Seasoning.

I tasted Vinegar Salt sprinkled on deep fried potato chips as a seasoning, the chips tasted just like they had been seasoned with salt and vinegar (of course), and worked best seasoning the chips as soon as they had been quickly drained and lifted out the fryer onto a tray, so that there was still some fat on the chips for the Vinegar Salt to stick to.   
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In Europe, Malt Vinegar is served for the chips and the fried fish in most place I went to.It was rare that I was given lemon with fish.< but French fries always vinegar.
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That's one I'm gonna try... but probably on fries, not chips,  as I seldom make the chips.

Cook's Illustrated has just come out with a different approach to French fries - cut the Yukon Gold potatoes into 3/8" square sticks, rinse and dry thoroughly and put into a pot of room temperature peanut oil.  Bring oil up to 370 degrees and remove and drain when you like their color. Salt/season immediately.  Makes a nice crust and creamy interior.

I've tried it... it works.

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On the East coast of Scotland, we are asked in fish and chip shops 'Want saltnsoss on that?'....  Salt, with a thin version of HP sauce, very vinegar-y!

BTW, Mike:  in the UK, chips are US 'French Fries' - what you call 'chips' are what we call 'crisps'!/img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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Vinegar Salt ,it is innovative  ,but too much salt is bad to our health ,so pay attention to the quantity .
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