vinalla and chocolate creme brule

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i wanted to share a recipe that is both good and dear to my heart. when i first started cooking, i had the chance to do some baking and i, at the time, was working at a small restaurant in WA called Daniells. the pastry "chef" was fired and i was now the pastry cook. i had to make brules all the time and i loved it. i made them at home for friends and family a lot as well. then when i left for culinary school, i had a chance to try a lot of creme brule and nothing compared to the recipe we used at Daniells. then i went to a 4 star, 4 diamond hotel and they made creme brule. with exitment, i tried one and it was nasty.
so i would like to share (NO, you cant have it... it is a secret) both recipes that we use at Daniells.

chocolate creme brulee

17 egg yolks
2 qt cream (or you can use 1 3/4 qt cream and 1 c milk)
18 oz choc chips
1 cup sugar
alittle vinalla
pinch of salt

-seperate eggs
heat up cream, sugar, vinalla, and salt until hot
add chocolate chips and stir until smooth and no chocolate lumps
temper choc. mixture into the yolks slowly.
pour into ramikans and bake in water bath at 350 for usually an hour and 10 minutes

Vinalla creme brulee

22 egg yolks
2 qt cream
3 T vinalla
2 c sugar
berrys (of choice.. frozen is better for this recipe)
chuncks of white chocolate

take ramikans and place some berrys and white chocolate in the bottom of them

seperate eggs
heat up cream, sugar, and vinalla

teper mixture into the egg mixture and pour in ramakins. bake in water bath at 350 for about an hour and 10 min.

these recipes make a lot. i hope you like them. if you come aross a better recipe, please let me know

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nice to be back! a lot of chages in my personal life. anyway.. how is baking going?
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Nice to meet you, Isaac!

This is weird - just last night I was dreaming about chocolate crem brule!! (What was that discussion about food obsession??!) And here you go - thanks to you, I've got one!!!
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Lovely recipes, M. Isaac!

Dear Abby will somehow convince Chef Henri to try them.


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They are really good recipes. i really recomend everyone trying them. just let them cool in the refriderator over night.

take care all

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