Viking Grill poor performance

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    Hi All,

    We purchased (2011) the 48" viking range top with the griddle and grill in the middle two slots, 4 burners on the outside.  Love the griddle, use it all the time...the grill however...

    Its not warm in the center, or on either side.  There is about an inch and a half area above the line of flames on either side of midline that will actually cook something, so unless the meat is 1.5-2 inches and long (like a hamburger) you have to constantly shift it over the area that will actually cook it.  Doubles and triples cook times. Natural gas, pressure is fine, burners work great.

    I live in MN, so there is a fair portion of the year where it is undesireable to cook on the outdoor grill.  Growing up we had an electric grill with much more even distribution of heat and worked well.

    There is no field modification available from viking to replace the grill with a griddle or more burners.

    Are other people having the same experiences?  The salesman claims everyone else is happy with their grill, but I wanted to check independently.  Is this a personal problem?  I've searched some forums, but haven't seen similar experiences.