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The fourth planet from the sun and our neighbor is Mars . Named for the Roman god of war because of its red color ( blood ). It shall be the closest to Earth than it has been for over 70 thousand years at the end of August . To my cheftalk friends if you are interested please take a look at it during this time period .
If you do not own a telescope just contact a local astronomy club and find out when they are going to have a public star party so that you can wittness this event through some of there scopes .
I know a lot of you think that a picture on the web or the local news is good enough but remember that a plate of food looks good in a picture but you cant realy feel its presence . There is nothing like seeing the wonders of our universe through an eyepiece here and now . Clear skies my friends , Doug...........


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I've been watching Mars grow over the past few months. It has been fun to watch, though I don't see much detail with my puny, little 4.5" reflector. I can make out the ice cap at the pole if the atmosphere is steady and I can bump up the power.


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Sounds great guys, I am into astromony big time, just do not have a setup at this time!:(

Comets are my fav, I also remember watching a meteor shower back in 95 or so, in the backyard laying in the grass, simply bewildering! These events should be witnessed live, media aftershock just doesn't cut the beef wellington.

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Orsen , is that you again my dearie . How many times must you be told not to play with the radio ?:D :D
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