? Vidalia shortage

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Hubbie just spent a week in South Carolina at our martial arts camp, where he is the chief cook. He goes to the local markets and farm stands, and didn't see a vidalia onion anywhere. When he asked about it, he was told the farmers in Georgia had an awful spring, and there was a shortage of the onions this year.

But - here in Jersey, they've been in all the markets for about a month now, and in abundance. Anyone else seeing a shortage? Anyone from Georgia who can clarify?
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In Westchester NY they're almost easier to find than large yellow onions. Could be they've shipped all the Vidalias North?

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Why do Scotsman emigrate?
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Could be... they're ALL OVER here, too, in big heaps at all the groceries, and cheap cheap cheap.

I love Vidalia onions. Sad thing is, though, they don't keep; I can't stock up 'cos they just go mouldy or squishy.
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One way of "extending" the season for Vidalias would be to caramelize them and store them in the freezer. (I make a lot of caramelized onions for my favorite savory tart.) Has anyone done this? with what results?

I make a lot of caramelized onions which reduces the volume of the onions considerably. You experience can save me a lot of work if it doesn't work. I can't think of any reason it wouldn't work but don't want to slice up pounds and pounds of onions pointlessly.
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Not to start paranoia as there has been very little mainstream press on this, but the following articles may provide some insight on the subject:

Vidalia Onion Crop a Disaster
May 28, 2002

Four Georgia Counties Named Primary Disaster Areas Due to Freeze, According to The Georgia Department of Agriculture

Digging up woeful details on crop of Vidalia onions Jun 5, 2002

Weather woes hit Vidalia onion crop Jun 5, 2002

Vidalia crop has farmers ready to cry May 29, 2002

Weather takes big bite out of sweet Vidalia crop
June 1, 2002

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It does seem as tho the Vidalia farmers have shipped what they have to the northern markets; maybe they can get better prices for them?
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