Veterans day

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And to all the families who serve as well, by enduring the hardships of having their loved ones so far away.
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I second the sentiments by Cape Chef. Thank you to all the Veterans, and their families, that have sacrificed so much to serve their country.

thank you,

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Ditto on that. Whether you believe in any particular conflict/war, etc. or not, the fact remains that these people have sacrificed for a larger belief, and therefore they deserve our thanks and appreciation.
So thank you all of you who have served in the front, in the back, on the sides, over top and underneath. :thumb:
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My sincerest thanks and gratitude to all who have put themselves on the line for this country, those who have sacrificed themselves, and those who have lost loved ones due to this sacrifice.
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My Father, who was a veteran of WWII in the Army Air Corp, died on Veteran's day, 1974. Much to the protest of the funeral home and all the relatives (including me), my mother had him buried on Halloween. She felt he deserved it because he up and died on her.

Every Veteran's day, I think about that.

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I was so proud to watch my 16 year old marching with the Royal airforce cadets to the rememberance service in town on Sunday morning.

The last UK veteran from WW1 died this year

The heroes of the past have my gratitude and those who risk all for our future have my thanks, my blessing and my best wishes
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My Dad was an officer in a Highland Regiment. My uncles and cousins served in various branches of the military in the UK. My cousin was on the forward command ship during the Falklands War and then served in the Gulf War.

'Lest we forget'.
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