Veteran Cook- New to the Prof. Kitchen

Joined Jul 25, 2010
Hey all!

I guess "veteran" would be a bit misleading considering I'm only 25 (Ha!), but I've loved cooking, and have cooked, since I was old enough to help my mom make Thanksgiving dinner. For time after that I was a home cook trying out new recipes and learning the basics on my own, testing them on poor unsuspecting boyfriends and friends, and getting reviews through that avenue.

Fast forward to now and I have my first kitchen position as a "line chef" (the polite way of saying line cook maybe?) for a new restaurant in my area that specializes in Greek cuisine.  This has definitely been a learning experience so far and I've never been more tired in my life; but I'm looking forward to growing within this new career of mine and am being mentored (and slowly tortured) by the head chef at the establishment.

Thanks for having me and I look forward to learning from everyone.

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Thanks for introducing yourself, Kharis. Congratulations on your move into a professional kitchen. I think you're going to enjoy being part of this community. I think you're going to find inspiration, fun, and plenty of people to share your journey with.

Enjoy! We hope to see you often.

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