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I just finished reading an artical in the Wine Spectator about a new web site dedicated to teaching Chefs and Seafood lovers and buyers Ect about whats the best seafood to buy,whats being overfish and a great data base on many species of seafood.
It was launched by "Sea web" A washington DC non profit group dedicated to marine issues.

Give it a look

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Thank you for posting the website. I've been curious lately about which fish I should and shouldn't be eating after reading a small article in Sierra magazine. They had a short list in the magazine, but they didn't really go into why you should avoid those species. I also read a little sidenote in last month's Gourmet about how they were upset when they received Chilean Sea Bass by mistake and how they avoid cooking with it now.

I was surprised that many of farmed fish (actually all but salmon) were recommended. I was worried about the environmental impact of fish farms since I only knew about salmon farms. As for non-farmed fish, hooray for anchovies and mahi-mahi!!
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What a great site. I wish their database was a little more extensive. I have some questions about fish that show up in the market quite often; for example, opa and yellowtail snapper.
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