Versatile Knives Every Chef Needs


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[h1]Versatile Knives Every Chef Needs[/h1]
The 6” knife and the bread knife rarely find themselves in the “favorite knife” category.  They have a reputation for not being as versatile as the larger, favored Chef’s Knife.  However, the 6” Petty Knife and Super Bread Knife are challenging this perception and are quickly become new favorites in professional kitchens.
[h2]New West Knifeworks- Fusionwood Petty Knife[/h2]
  • This 6 inch knife still has the chopping power of its larger counterparts
  • Provides the ability to sweep through delicate foods and act as a paring knife
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Perfect for chefs who work on a line with limited space
Watch the video below to see the Petty knife handle a delicate plum and move onto chopping bell peppers!

[h2]New West Knifeworks Fusionwood Super Bread Knife[/h2]
  • You are no longer limited to bread with this blade
  • Wave serration and dimple side grinds allow a wide range of versatility in the types of foods you can easily cut
  • This all purpose knife can handle cutting through soft foods and thick meats
Watch the video below to see the Super Bread Knife slice through a ham hock!

For more information on these and other Fusionwood Knives, please visit New West Knifeworks
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