Vermicelli Noodles


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I've been running a Thai style cold rice noodle salad and we cannot get the noodles to hold for more than a few hours without getting hard and brittle.

We boil the vermicelli for 3- 4 minutes, cool it by rinsing with cold water, drain and store in short buckets. Ideally, they'd pull out like pre-cooked pasta - soft and pliable - but instead, they become hard and fragment into pieces. How can we fix this? We've tried simply soaking the noodles in warm water to rehydrate and it hasn't worked out very well.

Anyone have more experience holding precooked rice noodles?
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You can't really hold them under refrigeration without losing quality to starch retrogradation.

You could try bean thread noodles or yam noodles. Those should hold up better.
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