Vent hoods for outside cooking

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Check with your local building department. To get a good answer be ready with some specs specific to the site, the equipment, and the nature of the operation.
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No! Just think if that were the case. If your thinking of cooking outdoors for a group of people at a catered affair you may want to check with the City and Fire Dept about FireExtinguishers. 
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Building departments and fire departments usually work hand and hand together in these situations to make sure that regulations are met.
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Define "outside". Is it out in the open or under a tent? Temporary or permanent? BBQ or what? Professional or private?

In all cases I have never heard of a hood BUT instructions for the equipment being used as well as common sense should be followed. It's not a good idea to grill burgers and steaks under a tent that will fill with smoke and choke your guests. If this is a professional gig, the fire or building department will want to look around see that you have proper fire extinguishers etc.

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