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any ideas on dishes for vegetarian dishes for my daughter? she does'nt care for vegetables that much but doesn't want to eat meat. we have been doing this for 2 years and pastas and breads are getting old. i need help, do you know any web sites, recipes i can use? I made eggplant parmesean last night and she didn't want it because it tastes like lasagna. i'm ready to let her starve, but she'll end up living a taco bell. HELP!


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How old is your daughter? Have you asked her if there are any vegetables she likes? Ask her does she prefer sweeter veggies (thinking sweeth potatoes or acorn squash), savory, salty etc? Get a feel for what she might like and then I would just go down the list of veggies and try various preparations and see how it goes. How about starting with Cheesy Broccoli? That is always a favorite. Not the healthiest but at least she would be getting some greens.

Veggies are super versatile and go way beyond frozen peas and carrots. There are also tons of ways to work vegetables into various dishes.
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I'm a goat who'll eat everything, but my wife is vegetarian so it's all I cook at home. (i'm too lazy to cook two meals!) As Koukouvagia said, I stuff a lot of stuff.

Is she vegan? or ae eggs and dairy ok? How old she is is important, as well as her participating in cooking.

Try portabellos with the stem removed and gills scraped out, and you can stuff with just about anything. I usually do a mix of sauteed veg tossed with some herbs and cheddar, and then baked for a bit.

Home made veggie burgers are a project to involve her with.

Grilled cheese with mustard, spinach, and tofu.

Tofu breaded either with either panko and parmesean or instant mashed potato flakes (not powder!), and served with whatever sides you want

Eggy things like Fritatta/Quiche


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Indian food converts vegies into things that taste radically different than what we're used to in the West.

Madhur Jaffreys Cabbage to taste like Fennel is  a good example.

Note, the chili powder, she doesn't mean chili powder for making chili but a pure ground chile for heat. You can skip this or add a little hot sauce as cayenne is probably too strong for this purpose for most westernized tastes.

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