veggies that dehydrate well and dips?

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Hello all,
We have a christmas party coming up and i was trying to think of a good way to introduce veggies to it besides just having raw one on a tray with ranch. I want something fairly simple (not requiring silverware is a plus). I figured since i bought a 6 tray food dehydrator a while back, i could put it to use and make some veggie chips/fries and some dips to go along with them. I was cleaning out the pantry and needed to get rid of a butternut squash so i made a soup and some thin fries with it and it dawned on me that it would probably dehydrate well. Anyone know of some other veggies/fruits/anything interesting that dehydrates well and some good dips to go along with them? Hummus would be nice, but i am opened to suggestions on other dips or other ways to make interesting veggie dishes.

note: i already have other dishes (3 types of sliders, some appetizery munchies, and some desserts) planned out and mainly was looking for veggie/knick knack recipes.
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Zucchini chips maybe? A simple dip is a cucumber cream cheese dip. Dice half a seedless cucumber, toss some salt and let sit for a little bit so some of the water gets out. Then mix garlic and scallions with the cream cheese and cucumber. Or a simple cream chesse dip with different herbs.
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When you dehydrate the veggies you are essentially making vegetable jerky and not chips. They wont crisp they will get chewy.
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