Veggie Roast Pork

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Hello All

I was recently dragged to an asian vegan restaurant and had their roast "pork". It was fabulous! We had a roast "duck" appetizer, orange "beef", and the pork. I am a dedicated meat eater and the texture and flavor of the meat-free items was just stunning, even down to the fibers. I would have SWORN that I was eating duck and pork. So now I'd like to try making these items at home. [if anyone is in NY state, the restaurant is Pure City in Pine Bush]

All of it was, I assume, some kind of Textured Veg Protein, or seitan. I have found TVP crumbles, seitan recipes, and I can get seitan mixes, but I haven't found recipes that would come that close to the real thing.

I'd appreciate any info on making vegan duck or roast pork.


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