Vegetarian Seitan Stew

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I have just heard about seitan on this site.  I am wondering about its usability and what it will do?

I have vegertarians eating my food.

In this case, I make a stew in a slow cooker:

Basic recipe:


Heinz vegetarian baked beans (I am lazy here.  Black or navy beans are probably better.)

diced/sliced onion

diced/sliced carrots


add spices like garlic salt and paprika for color.

I slow cook this overnight.

(I am not worried about quantities.  I am interested to see if seitan works with the other ingredients.

Will seitan work well with this combination of ingredients?  Will it give the stew a meat texture?

What do people think?

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I would be concerned about it cooking that long, as it tends to turn puffy when in liquid for a long time. Think in terms of matzoh balls.

Instead I would add it during the last half hour of cooking.

Before making it yourself you might want to try pre-made mock-meat products. Seitan is formed into numerous shapes that replicate familiar meat shapes, such as sausage, burgers, even chicken. By using one or more of those products first you'll get an idea as to whether it's something you want to fool with.
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