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Since it's my first time actually having my own garden, I decided not to be too ambitious to start. I also didn't want to do all that digging myself. I have 7 pepper plants (sweet peppers, habanero, some other hot pepper), one tomato plant (still not in the ground, but hopefully it's not too late to get it planted) and lots of herbs: basil,oregano,thyme,rosemary,lavender,flat-leaf parsley,bronze fennel, dill,etc. My herbs seem to be doing well except something is eating a little of my basil but not enough for me to care too much. I've already been harvesting more basil than I expected to get the whole summer; I definitely already got my money back from planting those herbs and more. The peppers aren't doing too badly either even though my very large dog seems to like sitting on them. All in all, I'm absolutely thrilled with this whole gardening thing. I just hope none of it dies when I go away for a couple of weeks.
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Hi risa: One nice way to keep your garden watered when you are away is to dig a hole a few inches from the plant about 4-6 inches deep. Poke several holes the width of a pencil on the bottoms of 2 liter or one gallon plastic bottles. Fit the bottom of the bottles all the way into the holes you dug. Unscrew the tops of the containers and fill with water. Screw the tops back on. Not too pretty but will keep your plants watered at the roots, where they need it most and you're not around. Have fun where ever you are going.
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Well everyone's garden must be in full swing by now and I am curious to know what everyone planted.

Here's what's in my garden.
French Fillet Beans - lots of them cuz they're yummy.
Horticultural Beans
Roma Bush Beans - do you see a theme here?
Sugar Snap Peas
Spaghetti Squash
Pak Choi
Golden Beets
Basil - I started a row from seed as an experiment. I usually buy small plants.
EggPlant - Never planted this before
Far too many tomato plants
And of course my artichokes
So report in folks.

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