Vegan help please

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Hello everyone,
this one is for those of you who are vegan particularly, but I won't discriminate when it comes to advice LOL :) . I have been invited to a vegan potluck dinner, I'm not even a vegetarian. I need a simple dish, but with my food alergies it needs to be something without onions or tomatoes for starters, plus I don't like celery,cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, peppers & pickles.
any help is appreciated,
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so i guess caponata or ratatouille are out....;) looks most mediterranean dishes are a no go.
how about asian. Fried tofu or tempe with dipping sauces. soba noodle salad, green papaya salad(minus dried shrimp and fish sauce), same with a pad thai. Many asian dishes either are vegetarian, and able to bed adapted to vegan, or are easily modified.
You looking for entree or side BTW.
hth, danny
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