vegan garnishes suggestions on endive hummus app

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My family having thanksgiving on saturday and I'm planning to bring a few vegan options but my family doesn't know i'm bringing vegan dishes

I'm not vegan myself, just something different to bring ... surprise them and see if they like it or not because we are a bit of meat and potato family

I'm planning to do butternut squash soup with coconut milk to help the creaminess from not having heavy cream, pumpkin oatmeal cookie and roasted garlic hummus with a slight kick from chili flake on endive

I want to put garnishes on top but I don't know what would be good options .. so far I got roasted corn, charred/roasted red bell pepper, roasted carrot and roasted butternut

I just wondered if they are boring garnishes or can you guys suggest something
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A typical garnish for hummus is paprika oil: just a couple tsp paprika (or smoked paprika) in a Tbspn or two of olive oil, make a little hole in the hummus, and put the oil in.

You could have fried or grilled or baked pita chips (pita bread cut up in chips-size pieces) but keep in mind that if they touch or are inserted inside the hummus, they'll become soggy pretty fast.

You could use fresh herbs (for example fresh basil or fresh flat leaves parsley), or fried herbs (like fried celery leaves, fried kale...).

You could have a few roasted garlic cloves, or confit garlic cloves.

You could also simply use a few olives.

Sun-dried tomatoes would work great as well.


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For your soup, I can think of a ton of great garnishes, besides a number of chopped herbs. Diced apple sauteed with cinnamon and chipotle powder, candied ancho strips, parsnip chips, or just some small croutons, sauteed in olive oil, to name a few.
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For the pumpkin soup how about pea size balls of green melon, honey dew I think it is, cut with a small parisian and lightly salted a couple days before. The salt pushes out some liquid and intensifys the flavor and firms the texture. Added on top of the soup for a nice color contrast and texture contrast too.
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Another oil idea(props to the paprika oil @frenchfries) would be a nice spicy picual evoo, first harvest if you can find it, the greeness id beautiful and the spicy flavor is a nice contrast to the smooth texture of the hummus.


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Seems there's a joke to be made about chopping up and deep-frying a vegan....

Vegan garnish accomplished.
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