vegan buttercream troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Professional Pastry Chefs' started by Jo Jo, Jul 18, 2019.

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    It seems that lately everyone is wanting vegan buttercream. I have never had trouble with it until recently, and it's killing me. I'm making american buttercream with earth balance sticks at approximately 1 pt fat to 2 pt sugar, then adding in flavor. I've ceased adding any liquid after the first two times of dealing with it breaking. It is breaking after just a minute or two of beating, whereas American buttercream at the same ratios requires several minutes to reach full volume under the same conditions (save for the fact that with butter I am using 70~degrees butter, and earth balance is from the cooler), wherein I add cubed fat to sifted 10x and beat. I'm using a beater blade in a professional kitchenaid. I have also tried it in the food processor and reached the same greasy results.

    My questions is, anyone else dealt with broken vegan buttercream? Anyone have a better recipe for one? I want to avoid palm oil, I would love to use coconut oil if it wouldn't just melt right off. I also want to convince people to not want vegan buttercream, but that's a whole other problem.
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    You may not like this answer, but you need to use some hi-ratio shortening, like Sweetex for example (which is vegan). Here is a link to a vegan buttercream recipe that has been used in a bakery:

    Also, you never specified, but I hope you're using powdered sugar rather than granulated sugar in your recipe.
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    10X was mentioned, and that's what some people call powdered sugar by.
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    Not sure what you mean unless you are saying you frost when the bake good is warm? Coconut fat is solid at room temp.