Vegan Butchery?


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So, a few weeks ago I was reading an article about a new vegan restaurant opening in Milwaukee. The owners described their place as a vegan "butchery." I wasn't offended, but that description just didn't sit right with me. I did a bit of research and have found a couple of other vegan places using the same verbiage to describe themselves. It just seems wrong, to me, to use a word, so closely associated with the meat trade to describe a vegan establishment. Yes, I know that "butcher" does have a definition stating, "a vendor who hawks newspapers, candy, beverages, etc., as on a train, at a stadium, etc." but still, the word, in today's vernacular, is pretty much associated, solely with the slaughter and production of meat products. It just seems very disingenuous, to me, for vegans to such phrasing for their places. Anyone else feel this way, or am I nuts?

This is not a discussion on veganism, in general. Please keep your thoughts about vegans, themselves to yourself, or to other threads, and just focus on the issue at hand. I don't want to have the conversation derailed by getting onto the topic of being vegan itself. Thanks!!!
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I don’t know if I can contribute to your conversation without expressing my dislike of this aspect of veganism. It is disingenuous and hypocritical. I understand and respect and value the role veganinsm plays and I truly think we should all take measures to reduce our consumption of animal products for all the reasons veganism advocates. But I just can’t understand why they use terminology that they berate us meat eaters for.

And marketing wise I don’t know why they are even using that term. What are they referring to? Butchering tofu? It’s rather dumb, I don’t find it cute or enticing.


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KK, I get what you are saying, and I agree that this conversation can't really be had with talking about veganism and personal views on it. I just don' want this thread to be derailed about people' thoughts on vegans, as a whole. We've had those conversations before. I just want to make sure the discussion remains focused on this specific topic. And I agree with most of what you said. I just don't get it. And it annoys me.
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Hi Pete,

I have a different take on the use of the word "Butcher" regards vegetables. They do kill living things, just happens to be vegetables. That doesn't fit with the common frame of reference of killing animals for food but they are killing living things to use as food.

Having said that... The descriptors used today like "Gluten-Free" Butter, "lactose-free" potatoes and my personal favorite I frequently use among my friends. "Why yes, I did make that with free-range carrots!".

Well, the carrots weren't grown in a cage were they!!!!

Ridiculous marketing... But very hip, very happening, very now!
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When doing old building maintenance years ago I eagerly awaited the opening of Restoration Hardware, soon to be located ten blocks away. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the store had nothing to do with either.
Hip Marketing strategy, like vegan butcher, I just find annoying and pointless.
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...haunted by the screams of a million sliced onions.... tortured life as a vegan chef....

I cry every time I slice onions because I recognize the brutality of my actions. :~)

Don't get me started on killing baby vegetables...

Still have cold sweats and nightmares...

Just let one of the knife geeks remind you, sharp knives do hurt less when they cut.


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I guess one of the things that confuses me, is with so many vegans being militantly against meat (yes, I know that not all vegans are, but most of the ones I know are) why would you use a term so entrenched in the meat business?


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They're mostly referring to vegecuterie where they use gluten and seitan and other stuff to make charcuterie.
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I guess one of the things that confuses me, is with so many vegans being militantly against meat, why would you use a term so entrenched in the meat business?

I guess it's to entice vegan converts.

I've seen a vegan restaurant in Taiwan with most of the menu items being an imitation meat of some sort. Fake chicken, fake fish, fake pork, fake lamb, etc. Made me wonder why they don't just stop being vegan if they like the taste of meat that much.
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I don't see anything wrong with vegans using whatever words they want. Keep in mind that most (all?) adult vegans today were raised as meat eaters, and turn to their history, culture and childhood memories for inspiration.
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