Veal Neck Bones

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Thwarted again. Friendly Glenn the Byerly's butcher just called and told me the veal distributor won't sell him anymore veal neck bones. They're stockpiling them so they can make their own demi-glace.

There goes my weekend of stock making. They say they can get me veal shank bones, or even knuckles, but there's absolutely no meat on them, and besides they want more money for the shanks than for the neck bones.

Any suggestions?

Anyone know of a source for veal neck bones?

What if I got the shanks and some veal meat? Veal meat at a minimum is $9/lb, while the neck bones which had meat on them were selling for $1.99/lb.

I'd rather make it myself than buy Demi-Glace Gold.

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why not try the chef at your local favorite restaurant. See if he/she will tack a case on to their next purveyor order. If invoiced separately it won't go into thier inventory, affect food cost, etc...
hth, danny
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That's an idea, thanks. However, I lucked out, on egullet somebody recommended Venison America, which is very close by in Wisconsin. I've made contact with them. While they don't have VNB, they have #1 Veal marrow bones (legs and knuckles). I'm told that they make very good demi-glace too, and are preferred by all their "bone" customers.

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