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    5 from the same press in themes: Quick Food, Comfort Food, Bowl Food, Finger Food, Sweet Food. These are in quite good shape include some highlighting of recipes I thought looked interesting at the time as well as some notes or ideas on ingredient changes made in pen. Lots of photographs. I've not cooked from these a lot. What I've made was worthwhile, but I find my style of cooking doesn't match up well with the indexing and concepts of these books.

    The Everything Thai Cookbook This was given to me as a gift, but I already have a copy in another format that I've marked up for my uses. Includes some blue highlighter on the cover as it was bought as a discounted book.  I have a few other books in this series. I judge them to sacrifice strict authenticity for simplicity and approachability for less experienced cooks. I've enjoyed what I've made out of these cookbooks.

    The Great Ribs Book   Fun pictures some interesting flavor combinations. In very good condition.

    $2.00 per book plus shipping. If you want them all then I think $20 which will include shipping as a bundled deal for continental US purchasers.

    Prefer paypal for payment.