Variations on quinoa


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I've used it as a basic pilaf and am looking for other ideas for it. If it could be cooked drier it could be a useful sub for couscous now and then but I'm not convinced it will accept that dry of a cooking.

Looking for other ideas for it as I'm trying to increase my whole grain intake.
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I have used it in cold salads instead of pasta, in soups (cooked and blended in as thickener), and appetizers similar to rice cakes, finally as a coating or crusting for sauteed items.
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Roast vegetables and quinoa salad (can be a warm salad).  I roast tomatoes (ripe summer ones only), zucchine, eggplant, and i cut up carrot, celery and onion in small dice (very small 1/8 inch or less) and toss with a little brown sugar (a pinch) salt and pepper and roast on a flat pan in the oven till caramelized.  I sometimes add frozen peas just barely blanched.  Avocado is nice.  then lemon, oil, parsley. 

Or sautee some crushed garlic and basil in oil and use that as dressing. 

A few cleaned shrimps sauteed in a little oil with some salt and a touch of sugar is good too. 

Cook black (forbidden or venere) rice and do half quinoa and half rice.  (this black rice has a nice bready taste)
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