Valrhona Opalys Ganache

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I run a small macaron business from home and wanted to start using valrhona chocolate into my fillings. I have some experience working with chocolate but am new to using technological sugar in my recipes. I have a recipe for ganache using valrhona Opalys and the consistency after is sticky and gummy.

would anyone be willing to share their recipe with me or review my recipe and see if there needs to be tweaking?

I appreciate your feedback!

here is the recipe i used

130g Glucose
130g Trimoline
520g Heavy Cream
1300g Opalys


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My first thought would be to reduce either the glucose or trimoline, because too much of it will give you a gummy texture. The Opalys might be adding to the problem, but it's a high quality couverture so I don't think it would melt to a high viscosity.
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