Valentines Day menu ?!

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My manager has asked me if I can come up with any ideas for a counter service Valentines Day lunch for the 14th.

Anyone got any ideas or know of a traditional meal/dish served on Valentines Day.

Help !
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It's a bit tired but Beef Wellington is a fairly classic V day dish.
Maybe tweek it to modernize it some. I've used veal and tofu in the past. Also lost the caul fat and used prosciutto or eggplant instead......
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I need to keep it fairly cheap. People arent going to spend a lot at lunch time. Meat isnt a problem. I can get beef, lamb and chicken for free from a food manufacturers I struck a deal with. Which is especially useful at times like this when ive got to do a one off menu which might not go down as well as id hoped.

I had first thought of going for a menu based around Paris. And traditionally Parisiene dishes. Using that whole "City of love" theme.

Another thought I had was to use food that has always been associated with love. Like aphrodisiacs. Asparagus, oysters, chocolate etc etc.

Are there any actual Valentines Day dishes of such?

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sure I'm teaching an aphrodisiac cooking
chambord and champagne
baby greens with softly melted morbier and a drizzle of truffle honey
fish with oysters and buerre blanc
whild mushrooms
valharona chocolate pudding

romantic....chicken in puff pastry with a creamy wine herb sauce
asparagus salad/or veg
mashed potatoes or soubise

chocolate cake with raspberry filling between the layers

I did a beet soup puree with a chevre heart one year
strawberry rhubarb tart always nice or crisp with vanilla ice cream
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Hi robbo,

I always like to serve chateaubriand on valentines day. Make it a 16 or 20 Oz one and leave it for people to share. I always try to put some dishes on that people can share, gets them into a romantic mood. This year I have a tapas plate for 2. An oriental dish with spring rolls, spicy duck and wontons with a thai dressing for 2 etc.
Be imaginative and think what u and your girlfriend would like to eat!
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since you can get your meat free............traditional filet or sliced tenderloin is easy and well accepted.......using a heart shaped cookie cutter or mold you could form crab the filet with the crab and nape with some bearnaise......

aphrodisiacs ......escalloped oysters could be a good idea maybe some warmed belon oysters with truffles and vinaigrette

how about individual dark chocolate truffle cakes with chambord sauce........


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Hi Robbo,

You mentioned line service which implies to
me cost control on some level, some suggestions:

Lamb stew offered over a white and wild rice
with vegetable confit or present in vol au vent
pastry cups. (Cups on side) Those cups being the most expensive part of the meal.
Last view, running close to .50 cents per
cup from my vendor sheet!

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Spinach and
goat cheese, dress with a crabmeat buerre

Herb encrusted Pork tenderloin with dried
cherries and plum reduction. Serve with
Marscapone whipped potatoes with chives.

Asparagus and wild mushroom wrapped in crepe
with a mornay sauce. Great item that enables
to prep ahead of time and stem to temp at service.

Herb Polenta: Cook on sheet pan, cut out
in large heart shape cutter, finish with roasted
vegetables and roasted red pepper sauce. Fun

Risotto: Can't go wrong, maybe with wild mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts,
alittle saffron for color and lots of butter
and parmesan cheese! Yum.

Hope this helps, Melinda


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I received a notification of reply on Valentine
day menu but nothing was there, just curious.
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