valdeon vs cabrales

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I went to the Cheeseboard, a well known cheese shop and bakery in Berkeley CA, to buy Valdeon, a Spanish blue, and the guy there told me that valdeon and cabrales cheese were the same cheeses!
Is this so? Is Valdeon just a brand name and Cabrales a type of cheese? I thought they were different types of cheese, albeit they're both blue.
Any cheese fiends out there who know?:confused:
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In reality they are different.
In America they are sometimes, nay, many times sold as the same. They are similar but technicaly different.
enjoy it if you can,
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In the states valdean is sometimes sold as cabrales.

They are similar but I find valdean lighter in the strong flavor that makes cabrales so special. also everytime i've seen valdean it's wrapped in some kind of leaf,where cabrales is wrapped in foil.

I know cabrales is blended with cows and goats milk,but i'm not sure about valdean.

I've had these cheeses a few times during Spanish wine tastings and have enjoyed them both, but they are not the same cheese.

And..ofcourse there also the lovely maggets that some say are in the aged cabrales (I have never come across them)
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Max McCalman, fromager for Picholine and Artisanal, in his book The Cheese Plate, says:See, always listen to Cape Chef; he knows! ;)
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