Vacuum Sealed Bags for Freezing

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I plan to freeze a lot of produce I'm getting from the farmer's markets and wanted to use a vacuum sealer to minimize freezer burn.

Any brands, commercial or otherwise, that are recommended?  Any other tips to decrease freezer burn?  
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Food Saver products seem to be the best for home use. The trick is to make sure you get a good seal. Make sure any sharp edges are either snipped or wrapped before vacuuming.

Sometimes, when I go to the freezer to get a package, I may find the bag compromised and that's how freezer burn starts.
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Foodsaver vacuum sealers have cutters in them like plastic wrap box slid cutter so you have nice straight cut bags. Remember you just can't vacuum seal everything without prep time, blanching some vegetables so they don't rot in bag. Meat will losses it's nice read color in vacuum sealed bags but rest assured that dark color is not spoilage, the true color will return when exposed to air again.
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