Vacuum seal shrimp

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I am going down now and get about 20 lbs of Gulf Shrimp on sale for $6 a lb., 16/25 count and thats a good deal.  I stay stocked up on sale fish as we eat alot of seafood.  I have been vacuum sealing the Mahi, Cod, and Tilapia but would it make sense for shrimp since there will be so much air space between the little rascals (shrimp).  I may save it for 6 months and it is already in a bag.

Just thought I would ask and thanks for everything.  Sorry I did not participate in the question answer session but I am just so so busy.
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Personally, I'd freeze them on sheet pan(s), similar to IQF, then bag and vacuum seal, that way they will not get crushed by the vacuum.

Trust me, vacuum sealing unfrozen shrimp WILL squeeze the juice right out of them. No need to ask how I know /img/vbsmilies/smilies/crazy.gif
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