V channel grates in Argentinian grills

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Has any of you ever cooked on a grill with V channel grates? I wonder if they truly make a difference and if they're truly better than regular flat or circular bar grates?




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I have always admired these grills but never cooked on one. The first time I saw one of these grills was on Barbecue U with Steven Raichlen. They are very expensive.

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Grillworks are very expensive but they're not the only game in town. The photograph I shared is a Urban Asador which is a little more reasonable. There are less expensive options out there. I do like the look of the grills and the way you can raise and lower the grill easily, I'm not sure about the V grates.

Thanks for sharing your video. I'm not too sure I'm sold on the grillmarks the V channel grates are producing. They look too spaced out, and like there's no crust at all between grillmarks.

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