Uummmm, Rhubarb!

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Just wondering what all you folks like to do with fresh rhubarb.

Recently developed a taste for it.... ;)
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Rhubarb Smoothie
Rhubarb & Strawberry Pie
Rhubarb & Strawberry Jam
Rhubarb Crisp



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I like to preserve as much fruits as possible when they are in season. That way in february I can open my freezer and bring out a bit of summer. I tried a new rhubarb compote recipe this year. Very tasty.
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rhubarb is great with orange.....try it as a compot with pork....maybe alittle ginger or hmmmm what do you guys thing of a little zing of cardomon in that?

So essentially bake a pork roast with garlic or grill tenderloin or chops and make a savory/sweet sauce with rhubarb.

Try rhubarb crisp ice cream.....make vanilla add rhubarb softened with sugar and orange zest on the stove....add baked crumble topping at the end to add crunch

Hummmm....I had two pieces of rhubarb strawberry pie from different restaurants this week...Both incredibly yummy, both amazingly stuffed full of fruit that did not excessively ooze.
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Rhubarb is one of those things I never developed a taste for. It's on my very short list of things I don't like to eat. It's not a fruit. It's a stalk. And it tastes incredibly vegetal to me. I'm also not very crazy about the affect it has on my teeth (it's worse than spinach). I honesty tried to like it. I've tasted many a compote, preserve and jam. I even baked a rhubarb and strawberry pie. I thought it was an extraordinary waste of strawberries. I'm so sad because I always thought rhubarb was one of those things that I should like because so many folks rave about it.

The only thing remotely likable that was made of rhubarb was a garnish at the restaurant where I interned. The pastry chef sliced very thin strips of it, dipped it in sugar syrup, laid it out on silpat and dried it in a slow oven. It was very pretty. And I was surprised that the taste did not offend me.

I will read with great enthusiasm your raves about rhubarb. Perhaps I can like it vicariously through you. So to answer the orignial question of what I do with it: I admire it and then pass it by.

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They say your taste buds change every 6-7 years. Now, although they might not change completely, you may suddenly not like something you've loved for years and begin to have a craving for and like something you never thought you would.

So keep that open mind of yours, and maybe one day you'll surprise yourself.!

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Being a brit rhubarb is really big over here all the ideas so far are all great but why not make a rhubarb fool for every pint of stewed rhubarb add 2 leaves of gelatine let cool then add thick cream and yoghurt in equal parts approx 1/2 pt of each set in a dish simple another thing to cook it cut and wash then toos in sugar add a split vanilla pod orange zest ginger if wanted star anise wrap in foil and bake in oven it keeps it shape and consentrates flavour Rhubarb and oily fish is a classic aswell

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