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One of the local papers has been running an annual Haiku contest, to be awarded just before Thanksgiving  where you'll probably encounter a jello-salad of some sort. 

What you need to know. Utah is a disproportionate consumer of jello. http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2010/03/jell-o-love-a-guide-to-mormon-cuisine/37929/  And we're willing to make fun of it. 

My personal favorite, which only got honorable mention is:

Oh hello, Jell-O
Behind fragrant old ladies
At Chuck-A-Rama.

Casey Lowe

Chuck-A-Rama is a 50 year old buffet restaurant here in Utah. But there are many other good ones over the years but I can't find links for every year they've done it. 

2009 http://archive.sltrib.com/story.php?ref=/news/ci_13857624

2010 http://archive.sltrib.com/story.php.../50728566-80/jell-adult-state-grades.html.csp

2011 http://archive.sltrib.com/story.php?ref=/sltrib/lifestyle/52941086-80/adult-buck-dottie-eat.html.csp

2012 http://archive.sltrib.com/story.php...-223/jell-honorable-mentions-contest.html.csp

2014 http://www.sltrib.com/home/1846447-155/were-over-the-rainbow-for-jell-o

2015 http://www.sltrib.com/home/3187561-155/for-this-thanksgiving-never-underestimate-the

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