Usumacinta Mexican Vanilla Blend

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Besides nelson meyer vanilla what other brands worth trying, prices crazy. Usumacinta Mexican Vanilla Blend I used their clear once but hear bad things about Mexico vanilla companies.
Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract, 8 oz, in 2018 i paid little over $16, today it list for $47.62
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There was a scare a few years ago about Mexican vanilla containing coumarin.
A lot of labels there now actually state that they contain no coumarin.
I like the Pasa brand, but went into a cooking/restaurant supply place & the chefs there seem to like the Molina brand, which contains vanillin...
Haven't compared them side by side yet.
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I have some vanilla beans soaking in vodka since last year. i never know you can use reuse the bean pods in sugar after useing the extract.

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