Using whey as a poaching liquid...

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So I made some simple homemade ricotta the other night with whole milk, half and half, salt and white wine vinegar and I'm left with about a quart and change of whey. So it hit me, why not poach this salmon in a 50/50 of whey and Syrah wine with a little butter and garlic?

I crisped the skin up on a dry hot pan and made a reduction with the leftover poaching liquid, have to say it was interesting and pretty delicious.

Is this pretty standard or did I stumble upon something not many do?

I'll be honest, I've never heard someone talk about using whey for this purpose.
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Isn't ricotta made from the whey of cheese making?

are you saying you are making ricotta with whole milk and half and half?.... hmmm....

Anyway, usually whey is a wasteful byproduct of cheese making, using it is a good idea and for poaching salmon another good idea.

I'm no chef so I don't know if that is a trend or not but, a quick Google search does yield some results:

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