Using wafers in a 'Ferrero Rocher Cake'

Joined Sep 28, 2016

I tried making a chocolate cake resembling Ferrero Rocher candies. Tried to incorporate everything in them (hazelnuts, nutella and wafers), so the icing was chocolate ganache and the filling was nutella with crumbled wafers on top. But the wafers didn't keep their crunch and they tasted sort of soft and chewy.

Is there anyway that I could incorporate the wafers into the cake so that they not lose their crunch like on the candy? Thought of putting them on the side (as I did the ground hazelnuts) but I live in very humid weather and thought they would go soft in no time.

This is what it looked like (I was going to put a couple of FR candies as decoration but I ate them all):

(This is the nutella + crumbled wafer filling)

Many thanks in advance!
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