Using the charcoal grill for something other than grilling

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I have recently started using my grill as a way to cook in my wok. I have never had much success with it over the flame from a gas stove and there is absolutely no hope with an electric. using a chimney starter, i pour out the coal and arange them with a hole in the center in a kind of circle. then i put the wok in the center and it is raging hot in no time and doesn't lose much heat after the food is put in it.

I know i'm not the first to do this but it felt magical when i did. Anyone else have some ideas other than the standard grilling meat/veggies on the grate?
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    My paella pan fits nicely in myWeber kettle...I use it for paella and general sauteing on the picks up that nice smoky flavor when the lid is put on.

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great idea, I'll definitely have to try this! But does charcoal get to the crazy heat that wok burners produce? Or even a turkey fryer? I'm sure it works, but I somewhat doubt you can get the intense heat that "real" wok cooking requires?


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Put the wok right on top of the chimney starter. You'll be even more impressed.
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My mom use the charcoal to burn the coconut and use it for her cooking recipe. I forgot what it's called but the recipe actually calls for it burning the coconut using the charcoal. What my mom usually do is put the coconut in a bowl and place the charcoal in the middle and then heat the charcoal. That way the coconut will have a smoky taste once she squeeze the juice out of it and use it for her cooking. We love this recipe, it's really one of a kind.
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it doesn't get as hot as a commercial wok, but it certainly gets hot enough. after only a few minutes it is smoking.
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Steve Raichlen is the leading authority on how to grill, his books are very helpful.  He also has a cooking program on PBS, you may want to check out your local listings.  He can do anything from grill, smoke, bake, roast, or even pan fry using a grill. 

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