Using Flaxseed, hempseeds, mustard seeds, other seeds for everyday cooking?

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Any ideas to incorporate any of these for everyday cooking?

I am looking for new ways to incorporate omega 3s in to mine and my kids diets. I usually do quick and easy meals in my home.
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This response in no way answers your question, but wanted to share anyway. I began eating more fish in order to get the omega 3's that I need. Most things that I have read say that you need about 10-12 ounces of "oily" fish per week. By oily fish, I assume they are referring to fish such as salmon, mackarel, sardines, and tuna. The only concern that you may have is if you have very little ones, you may want to limit oily fish intake to about 8 ounces per week because they can contain concentrated levels of mercury. But since children under 12 need less omega 3's than adults, that's not a problem.

Anyway, just a suggestion.
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I knew that flaxseed had omega 3 but didn't realize the other ones did.  Mustard seeds are the easiest, I crush them in a mortar pestle along with other herbs and spices and rub them on chicken or pork.

For my omega 3 we cook fish once a week.  Aside from that they are super abundant in green leafy vegetables.  They are also present in grass fed meat (because they eat green leafies).

Flaxseeds in your cereal and yogurt but I can't imagine kids would like that too much.
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Have a recipe that uses mustard seed, rice vinegar and a bit of sugar  to candy/pickle sliced Fennel into a great condiment for sandwiches and burgers.
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