Using butternuts in pie

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Could butternuts be used in place of pecans in a pecan pie successfully?  Would any changes need to be made.  I have a huge butternut tree.  I have used them in many things and would really like not to buy pecans for Thanksgiving pie.
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I think you'd be fine; maybe use a pecan pie recipe that has maple syrup in it because although I've never had a butternut, they are reported to be creamier than regular walnuts (I do not care for walnuts, I find them bitter so I generally replace them with pecans in a recipe anyway).  Maybe go on epicurious and look for a walnut pie recipe and use that instead of the usual pecan pie filling.  My personal favorite pecan pie recipe is from Rose Levy Beranbaum's Pie and Pastry Bible, for pecan tart; and that uses Lyle's syrup if you can get it at your local supermarket, or dark corn syrup if you can't.  With the Lyle's it is phenomenal, with the dark corn syrup it is fantastic.
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I had never heard of a butter nut other than the squash so I looked it up, I've never tried a white walnut and now it's on my to-so list! I would roast the nut meat before assembling into a pie, as with other nuts they will remain chewy rather than crisp if you don't.
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