USFoods to aquire FSA and synergy and stuff

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Just a lurker wondering how it may affect others.
FSA is my broadliner. I've aggressively used them in the last 3 places I've worked at, cutting ties with other broadliners that were in place. ~15 years
Hoping it's a smooth transition, if the powers-that-be allow the acquisition.

Also, if you're bored, feel free to complain about how much you hate your reps in this thread.
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I worked with FSA for many years. I remember being a Chef Manager in a private club in the 80's. I did a lot of catering's on the weekends. I would have 6 salesman showing up on Monday morning quoting me prices on 109 prime rib. I would be in my office yelling out to them " How much per pound for 25 cases of prime rib. I would hear yells back at me $2.01, then, OH shit I can't beat that. Then $1.99, then silence. I would yell back $1.99 once, twice,.....$1.99 got it.......... Those days are over. I also remember the salesman screwing up a order on a Friday that was needed for that evenings service. The Salesman would drive the 150 miles to Spokane to pick it up and bring it back to the Club.

I'm not sure why anyone needs a salesperson nowadays. Everyone should have the order sheet on their computer along with the whole order catalog. The only way you'll get good pricing is to have a high volume restaurant. If your small you'll never get good pricing. When my company was small I did a lot of local shopping. Getting your product delivered is nice but in no way giving you the best prices.

When I had three accounts in three high volume foodservice's I negotiated not only the time of delivery and pricing but also the delivery driver putting the product away.
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Ummm... You CAN get good pricing for a small volume place IF you are willing to pick up yourself. I did that for about 9 years, picked up my own produce, poultry from the supplier, beef and pork from the supplier, Italian stuff from the importer, dairy from Costco, etc.

Yes, of course it’s a lot of work, but then, when you o/o a small business , it ain’t a 9-5 job....
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Yeah, you guys definitely have more exp than I.
I think if you dug up some of my old posts you'd hear me defending reps a bit. I... may have been lucky? I'm not going to poster-boy reps for broadliners, but I've had good exp with F S A

I did have a rep for a couple months who would drunk text me. She would be like, "oh hey I was just thinking about you because I noticed you were having a stressful day and I blah blah blah...". And I'd reply quickly thx, but it would turn into "I really care about you and I'm just thinking about you..." I mean, it sounds nice, but it was effing weird. I know how it sounds, but it wasn't a crush thing, it was a weird maternal... weird thing. Thanks for reading my blog.

I deal with a grunt load of local farmers. FC% comes second to local this time of year.
I talk to real, honest, dirty-handed people this time of year.
If they're charging less than a broadliner, I let them know.
This sounds like a brag; it's not. I find it really annoying that the FC% goes into the ether and we're paying $16/lb for goat chz instead of $7/lb. I honestly had a point when I started typing this out, but I've lost it. Vodka. FWIW I've actually deleted more text than I've left. I did specifically leave a space for a "post script". Here it is:

Here's a strange one: galbi on the menu. 1/4" cut. Broadliner = $13/lb frozen. Local meat cutter = $8/lb thaw?. Local supermarket = $7/lb thaw? So, yes, I have someone pick up galbi LA cut beef ribs from the supermarket once a week (50lbs).
How does that happen?
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