used to be nyfirepatrolche

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Hi again...when I discovered the server dropped my *f*...I had to register again in the abbreviated form. But trust me guys...its still ME.
Thank you for the greeting by the way. Jeez so quick! I just dropped my gear on the rack.
If anyones wondering what the babble in my signature is... using 10-18 means one Engine Company, one Ladder Company. 10-26 means Food on Stove fire. Tend to get tons of those on big holidays...Thanksgiving...Xmas.
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Well,Welcome again!!!

I know this has nothing to do woth food but, Thanks for what you and all your comrades do.

Now......what do you cook in the fire house?
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Thank you for the recognition. But before we go too far...let me post my job's website click skip intro and click FIRE PATROL. Quick note...despite *not* being part of the FDNY...we *were* at the WTC that morning well as several days afterward. When it became obvious that there was no salvage duty to perform...the Patrol's role turned to that of evacuation of the buildings. During this time we lost one member.

Editors note: When units of the Fire Patrol were no longer working at the site...I volunteered at Nino's where I spent six months..prepping in the kitchen, transporting food to the three or four locations near the site..but mainly running the Buffet Line during my average 24 hours a week. Some of you may have heard of the place...we stayed open 24/7 from 12 September to I believe the second week of February, when the hours were reduced in preparation to close on 12 February. After that time food was cooked and transported to three and then four locations near the site.

As for inhouse food...can be as simple as BBQ hot dogs and burgers, to pan fried stuffed pork chops with all the trimmings (fried spiced apples, garlic mashed potatos, german style sauerkraut or potato salad in lieu of the mashed), could be Fusili with Bolognese, roast turkey breast, cheeststeak heros, Im planning to do some classic (as if there really might be such a thing) Reubens. I try to keep the largest number of folks happy with whatever Im planning to put on the table that night. I was the guy that introduced my original group to strawberries in Balsamic. I cant remember how many bread puddings Ive knocked out over the almost six years.

So, as you can see, it all depends :chef:
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Welcome, firepatrolchef. Firehouse cooking has a great reputation, especially among chiliheads, I hear. We're very glad you're with us!

You are cordially welcome to browse all the forums, contribute your knowledge and ask questions as you like.

And, may I add my thanks to you and all protective services workers everywhere.

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Hi Mezz~
thanks for the welcome.
Believe it or not....chili isnt as big a thing as people have been led to believe in fire cooking. Least not in my circles. Ive made it once...maybe twice. If you look into the book The New Firefighters Cookbook by John Sineno...youll see a widely diversified line of authentic fire food.
Ive eaten with guys that shouldve had no business in the kitchen other than to scrub the one pot of chili to which we were was all heat and no taste.
Other hand..some of the finest meals Ive ever had were in a firehouse kitchen.....grilled Mako better than Ive ever had it in a restaurant. Ditto for Grilled Lemon god...and the most delicate...nicely finished...creeeamy first tasting of Crown Roast of Pork...all at work.

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