Used cookbook prices going up. Fast.

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I read this article  recently and was tickled to see a cookbook I own (The Last Course) had increased a bit in value.  But, now I have had it hit three cookbooks I have been searching for and I am not happy.  What is going on?  Is there some new, secret demand for obscure professional cookbooks that is driving up the prices?

I had ordered Laduree: The Sweet Recipes on Amazon for $26. A week later they emailed me to tell me the seller no longer had it available.  Now they have a used copy  on Amazon for $999.  Yes, that really says $999!!!

Likewise, I had been saving another cookbook in my cart, but now I am ready to purchase it and the price had literally doubled within 2 months.

With the economy as it is, I would have rather expected more people dumping used cookbooks on the market, driving down prices.  But this kind of stinks.
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Must be only affecting professional books, or those that have achieved some sort of cult status.

Day in and day out the price of used cookbooks has dropped through the floor, and there are some great bargains out the point that often enough newly published books, those that are less than six months old, are available at sub-remaindered table prices.

A chef friend of mine always gets used books when possible. His last order consisted of three such titles, and the postage was still more than the combined cost of the books.

In my experience, Amazon's affiliate book dealers tend to under-rate the books. That is, a book they describe as "very good" is actually "Excellent," or even "Like New." On the other hand, they tend to over-state any damages. No book I've purchased that way was anywhere near as damaged as I expected from the description.
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I do agree and always try to get my cookbooks used if possible.  So far everything I have purchased used through Amazon has been in great condition.
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Books as a whole are. And i'm very surprised how much they are as kindles and eBooks become more popular.


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pcieluck, I own a Kindle and am very fond of it, but there are just some books that I feel need to be purchased as "books" and not downloads onto an ereader.  For me cookbooks are one such category.  While most of my casual reading, over the last 6 months has been on an eReader, I still purchase cookbooks.  I do this for various reasons: 1.  not overly concerned about the kitchen environment with a cookbook-don't know that I want my kindle hanging out where I cook. 2. It is much easier to locate recipes and use indexes in real books than on a kindle (IMHO). 3.  There are just certain books that I like the feel of handling an actual book and cookbooks are one of those.
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