Urgent! i need your help!


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Sorry to hear you are not well. I hope you'll get better soon. I know too well how hard it is to be sick. Anyway let's no go there.

I think your menu sounds wonderful. Hope you'll have the energy to get everything ready. The first thing I thought of when reading your post is why not make Cornish hen or duck. The cook time would be shorter and you would need less stuffing. I don't know how important it is for you to have turkeys on thanksgiving though.

For the cranberry sauce you could add orange zest and some spices. Or you could sauté some onions and /or apple and add it to the sauce. The same thing could be done with the gravy, spices should help improve the taste.

I do not know much about pumpkin pie, only had it once or twice, I did enjoy it, too bad I can't find it anywhere these days. You could try spiced whipped cream or pecan praline on top of the pie.

Good luck with your dinner

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I'm with Sisi about the bird. Or if you are determined to have turkey, could you just cook off the legs or breast, separate? Or can't your friends and relatives make extra and bring some by so you don't have to cook?
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Can you all help?

Urgent! i need your help,

"okay, i am still on bed rest because of pregnancy complications, but i was granted permission to go to my parents for a family thanksgiving. unfortunately, i have now come down with a bad case of bronchitis, (oh, will this never end?) and permission to travel has been "un-granted". enough now of the pity party. here is my problem; i am determined to have a nice holiday dinner for my husband and daughter. i am obviously in no shape to spend hours in the kitchen and therefore i will need to rely upon a number of convenience items. i am sending jay to the store, he would rather go for a root canal, to pick up a few things, and this is what i am thinking for a menu;

turkey, i will brine
my mother's crock pot stuffing
green bean casserole
cranberry sauce, from a can
mashed potatoes, heat and serve
gravy, from a jar
biscuits, from the bakery
candied sweet potatoes, frozen, green giant
pumpkin pie, from the bakery

does anyone have any ideas on how i can tweak some of these prepared items to make them more like home-made? other suggestions would be appreciated as well. i am above nothing and welcome any advice.

thanks so much.
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