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Hello, my name is Eric and i currently own a dessert shop on the east coast of U.S

we are about to open up crepe section of the menu and i am in need of big help. I should not have underestimated the art of crepes. In my mind, it was a medium level street food that i needed to do a good job of copying; however, even after 2months of practicing and finding the recipe, i am struggling.

The main problem for me was the spreading technique... because we have a legit crepe maker (16inches), we cannot twirl it around like home pans or griddles. I also want customers to enjoy the spreading of the crepe because it is always pleasant to watch someone make a perfect crepe. I found out that my technique was only improving to  a certain point not because im so terrible at it (maybe i am) but more because the consistency of the batter is not what it is supposed to be.

i copied alot of recipes from online and they are just so watery and runny, and whenever i spread them, they just run off the griddle and hard to spread. From watching many many youtube videos online, i could see that the batter they were using was more thick and easier to work with. when they move the crepe spreader in circles, it seems as if the dough is following the end of the spreader every turn.

So i tried making a thicker dough, and now it is just too thick and too doughy (flour taste is too strong). I tried the medium between the two and it is still not working out well.

Can anyone with strong experience recommend me a good recipe for good crepe and tips on techniques perhaps? in terms of even things like griddle temperature (we have electric) and spreading techniques?

Thank you so much for reading!
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I don't have serious expertise but I have made them a lot in the past at buffet crepe stations. The batter was always pretty thin. I'm not sure if you are using a wooden T, or a metal T, or a long very thin spatula. I can remember if the maker did not have that little lip on the outside it was a little harder. With those I just had a nice new knife by the maker and if it went over the side than I would just run the knife around the outside.

If your using the T, don't try to get the circular pattern first. Just start spread the batter flat and then just bring the extra high parts to the outside last.

 I have the recipe somewhere in my computer but I know it was a 1 to 1 ratio. 1 cup of cake flour to 1 cup of milk. you can then add a little oil, salt and sugar. You need to hit it with an emersion blender to get lumps out.


PS You said that the thin batter would just run off the griddle. You may need to increase your temp. That crepe should be hitting the griddle and start the cooking process before you finish the spreading.
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Hi im sorry i new to tegnology and im trying to buy my own griddle for crepe but im still not sire what the right size or length or width can you please help me or reccomond one please and thank you...?

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