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I have very poor internet and struggle to upload pictutes.
Sofar, I make a picture with my phone, crop, resize and compress with photo compress.
Then, when trying to upload, the process often get cancelled?
It can take me more than 10-20 times to get 1 picture uploaded.
I assume because there is no data transfer for a bit. Not sure though and it's the only connection there is (2g mobile network).
Can this be looked at and improved for us poor people with very rudimentary internet access?


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I mentioned my idea in the Challenge thread, That of loading to a different service then linking from that service. I do this with my Dropbox account for websites that don't support direct uploading of imagery. Of course, if Dropbox times out on your connection or is otherwise as problematic, then that's not that good.

Perhaps save up your pictures until you're in coverage once per week or month and upload them then? Yeah, that's a hassle.

I'm happy to have you participate with just written recipes in challenges and so forth as it seems pictures are currently unreasonable. I would be sad to lose you from Cheftalk over this difficulty.

Of no use to you, yet, StarLink (Elon Musk's satellite internet) is set to beta test Northern hemisphere reception.


This doesn't help you yet. But the pricing and speed options look pretty reasonable particularly for speed from a satellite. The tests they've done in wildfire support situations have been impressive. You don't really have to aim it. It uses beam forming to aim itself as well as some actuators.


So there is good internet coming to the remote parts of the world. Just not yet.
Joined Jan 8, 2010
Thanks Phatch,
I keep muddling on.....
There is a rumour of getting 3G in the area... But who knows when?
I'm also looking at boosters and arials.
For now, I'll try every now and again and see if I can get a picture posted.
Meanwhile, it's going to be written entries

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