Upgrading from Global G-16, advice wanted

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I'm looking to upgrade from a Global G-16 after about a year and a half. After looking around here is my short list. Any pros/cons or things I should consider, or other recommendations under $200 would be greatly appreciated:

Tojiro DP 240 or 270mm

Masazumi 240mm

Kanehide TK 240mm

Misono Swedish 240mm

Takauki Hammered VG10 240mm

I have some experience sharpening my own knives, so I'd like something a little harder than the Global (all of these knives I believer are rated at HRC 60-61) that will retain it's edge a bit better, but not something so hard that I'd have a hard time sharpening it with my limited experience. I'm not terrified of carbon steel, but I've never used it, and the health codes where I work might make it difficult for me to properly care for it (store tools in ice water when not in use, no dry rags allowed at your station, rags used to wipe things down must be thrown into laundry afterward). The Takayuki is a beautiful knife the meets all of my requirements, but would I just be spending extra money for aesthetics when any of these other knives might perform just as well? What are your opinions on this?
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As I am not sure where you are I am going to suggest some that are available online to the US.

1) Are you sure you want a $200 knife at work? If not how about these:

      a) Richmond Artifex 240mm AEB-L Stainess 60-61 HRC $89

      b) Fujiwara FKM Stainless 240mm $83

2) If you are set with a nice knife..

     a) Obviously the Takayuki Hammered or Damascus are worth a look

     b) Richmond ultimatum in AEB-L

     c) Richmond Addict 2 in AEB-L
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