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Hi everyone after 3 months of intense involvement in school Iam able to write everyone a little update on my progress in school.
So far I have taken my 101 class, American regional cuisine, purchasing and storeroom, and my greatly feared butchery class.
Iam still maintaining my 4.0 GPA and am blending in well with the kids 10 to 15 years younger than myself.
Thank you all for your support and help whenever I have needed it.
I love Portland so much I just bought a home and am taking this opportunity to take advantage of springbreak to move.
Wish me well Iam starting my flavors of the world class on Monday.
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Well I would think eveyone would wish you well! I do. You sound so worried about class...relax, I hope your enjoying it too!?

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Hi Daneille!

So glad to hear that things are going well for you. I for one missed your posts on your adventures in school. Good luck in your new home and in school.Hope to hear more soon!


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Funny I was thinking about you last night, wondering how you were doing. Glad to heat that all is well.
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Iza and I are on the same wavelength-- I've been hoping all's well for you, too! Maybe I'm weird, but the butchering class sounds interesting to me, although the work must be physically demanding in different ways from the typical chef work. Congrats on your sterling GPA! Have a sweet Passover--
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With your positive attitude, it's no surprise you're still doing well, and enjoying even the tougher classes. Keep it up!
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It sounds like the benefits might have started outweighing the frustrations? I hope so.

It was 80 degrees here today, and I cannot wait to move back to Oregon! You are lucky! To do what you love in a wonderful place!

Flavors of the world sounds very interesting. Let us know how it goes!

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Hello Danielle:

Congratulations on purchsing your home! Portland is a beautiful city and I can understand why you decided to make it your home. Are they still fishing salmon at lunch time in the river?

A 4.O GPA!!! Great work! You should feel so proud!

Happy Passover!

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I'm quite new on board but have read some of your posts which I found interesting and enjoyable.

I just wanted to wish you the very best, congrats and a very happy and sweet Passover too!

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Hey Danielle! Nice to hear from my ol'student buddy again! A big fat congratulations regarding the house. That's really wonderful, I'm thrilled for you. Ah the joys of painting a new house...

About butchery, that was my prime grade A fear as well. I survived it though, and you will too. Just pay close attention and let your knife guide you. You'll do fine; you're so much further ahead than anyone else in your class anyway. Keep an eye out for that stinky little gland in the leg of lamb. It'll make your fingers smell for a while if you're not careful!
Enjoy! :D

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Iam so sorry Iam not on more frequently, between the move to having the class from ****.
Flavors of the world.. The most interesting class ever, but very overwhelming we must have tasted over 2000 items in 2 weeks.
It's over and I hopefully received an A..
My newest interest.. shroomhunting and seaweed. We need to talk Shroomgirl..
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Danielle you are going to Western Culinary right? how do you like the school? I want to go get my degree and it is in my top 3 choices. I just wanted to know how the school is from your point of view thanks.
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Yes Iam going to WCI and it's quite disappointing.
In the sense that they charge $22,000 and many of the classes are not structured at all. They lack alot of ingredients in their storeroom that are available out there and we don't get the chance to practice with them unless you go out and buy them yourself.

The kids are very irresponsible and don't show up for class, receive a C and every class has an opportunity to make up a grade. You just write a paper and there you have it an A.
It shouldn't bother me that people do that but I have a 4.0 GPA and I work my tail off and Iam hoping to do my internship in a great place (it ofcourse depends on your GPA)Iam hoping I do not have to compete against people who have been absent all year long and have smooched their way into A-ship.
Plus the student lunches are mediocre at best.Iam dealing with a business and they don't want anyone to fail. because then they loose $$$.
Yes Iam disappointed right now. Iam having fun.
Iam making tons of friends and loosing them in the process because my style of cooking is different and Iam kicking their B--T in the flavor department.
Iam a finalist on Monday in the Catfish competition for my school.
All in all I like it. If I had to do it over again I'd go to CIA.
Good luck in your searches..
Danielle :eek:
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so are you hunting....incredible place for shrooms, you have an active NAMA group in your area as well as a couple chef hunters.

Sorry your school is letting you down, what a drag.

catfish????ok give what are you preparing?
Say is that indigenous to Oregan, seems like you have so many local varieties of fish that to have a competition in catfish is bazarrre
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Well I won third prize which I believe is great for a rookie cook such as me.
I guess hey have this contest every year.
the guy who won had a great plate but the flavor was quite Blah. I was told my flavor was the best but my presentation needed some work.
Iam a happy camper. Shroomgirl, i found a morel in my backyard. It was delicious. Iam going wild with my new hobby. I will not eat anything that I do not recognize.
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Congratulations, Danielle! If your flavor was the best, you took first in my book. I think there's something seriously wrong when flavor takes a backseat to presentation.
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In cooking,first comes technique and flavor.
Then comes plate presentation.

some of the finest food I have ever eaten were simple presentations,but the food was alive with flavor.
Great jod Danellie.
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