Unsure where to post...Career path suggestions neded!

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I realize this is rather 'off-topic' but as it involves food and cooking I am hoping that someone will be able to toss some pearls of wisdom my way. I am in the midst of trying to choose a career and although I have completed a number of self-assessment exercises, I feel lacking in ideas of career paths that my skills, interests, and values could point to....

I am a very empathetic and sensitive individual who enjoys helping people and employing my strong listening, observational, perceptive, and intuitive skills towards that end. I enjoy being active and productive in my work and thrive on responsibility. I am equally skillful with my mind (intellectually) and my hands (dexterous); in both areas, I am always eager to learn new information and skills and enjoy employing ingenuity. As such, I am a very adept independent learner and worker and greatly value a level of autonomy in my work. My learning and people skills are also characterized by an exceptional memory for information and details. I am also excellent at organizing and, as such, value orderliness, calm, quietude, and peace. Finding meaningful work that positively contributes to the world or an individual life is important to me, and although I can be a leader if the need arises, my preference is to be ‘behind the scenes’, not in the limelight.

On the Myers-Briggs typology spectrum I am an ISFJ


Books / Reading
(‘Older’ or ‘classic’ fiction and literature; children’s literature; a variety of non-fiction, including cookbooks, Holocaust, animals, travel; poetry; quotations)

Food / Cooking
(*NOT interested in cooking professionally-- ie: chef -- but do enjoy cooking and baking casually, especially European recipes; exploring and upholding my heritage: Italian culinary traditions, culture, and recipes; artisanal food; slow food / sustainable food)

(Especially fond of cats and dogs; dislike zoos)

Nostalgia / History
(Early 20th century nostalgia-- classic films, radio, music, vintage / antiques); Holocaust; living or public history; family history)

Nature / Being outdoors
(Gardening; spending time outdoors and appreciating nature)

(Most familiar with Catholicism / Christianity; have also studied other religions / spiritualities)

Thanking you in advance :)
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